Do I have to go to physics?

I am currently sitting in the slightly spider-infested upstairs study area of the engineering building on my school campus. I realized shortly after leaving my first class today that I forgot my headphones in my room! Not pleased about this little fact. I also really do NOT want to go to physics. The last four lectures have been the same exact material and the reading for today was the same reading we had for the previous four lectures. I took physics last year in high school, and am honestly debating whether or not I should go to physics today. The only reason to go, honestly, is that the teacher for the lecture before mine looks like Einstein. He seriously reminds me of those little Einstein bobble heads in Night at the Museum 2. Those little guys cracked me up almost as much as the stone head in the first one–“Dum dum bring gum gum?” 

I keep trying to get a picture of him but he always runs away before I can. He’s like an Einstein ninja… Anyways, it’s time for me to head to class (boring). Have fun!  


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